Dears Departed …. :'(

I took few days to write this post beacuse it was a very sad occasion. I was late to start writing the blog.
If I started writing my blog earlier there could be so many posts about them.
They were Sujica, Darshana, Fousis, Rinos, Arkil, Jashothar, Ithrees and Hasan.
They were trainees came from Akkaraipattu branch of our company.
No one thought we would get to know each others and be friends.
Believe me friends, even I didn’t know that there is a big place in my heart for them.
Neither of them could speak my mother tongue, Sinhala properly. But the language was not a barrier to become friends.
We belong to the same age group.They were like the rain in the dessert..because both me and my collegue didn’t have anyone to talk, joke and eat with before they come.
After we met them, I got to know that all the university students are crazy like us..experts in copy pasting .. fun loving creatures.(specially like Arkil and Fousis ;))

I am not a good writer to express all feelings about them..But the only thing I know is…I missed them a lot..
No more more jokes..and no more fun..

If I could not make a special note on the girl, Sujica it is a big mistake..
She is the friendliest girl who touched our hearts..talking talking and talking..such a chatter box..:)
Kind girl gave us advises..when I see a plastic bottle filled with water I am sure you will be sneezing sujee..
because I will remeber you..
she gave me a cute gift..Thank you very much for it and love you so much..

Today I really have the same feeling when I left the school. I never thought they will become such closer to my heart.
I don’t know what will happen on Monday..because the office looks very desserted without you people.
Missed you a lot guys..

People are comming and going…they will add sweet memories to our lives..
Those memories alive us…


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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