Distributed Version Control System, You Took My Heart Away

In my new project I’m working with Git and BitBucket. Git is a Distributed Version Control System where the most interesting thing I found is I can have a local repository as well as a remote repository. I can easily commit my changes as soon as possible to my local repository and I can push only when I’m done with my code. BitBucket is where we host our code for free.

I have also worked with Mercurial, which is also a DVCS. At initial project stage, we faced lot of issues when we merge the code. But later when we get used to the system we found it much easy to use.

Here are some important links I found in my work. Hope this might help you to get in to the DVCS deep sea.

Introduction to Distributed Version Control System

Distributed Version Control Systems

Distributed Version Control Systems Code Hosting

Converting Subversion to Git with History

You can use Git Extension and Git Source Control Provider if you are using Visual Studio for development.