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Continuous Integration for ASP.NET Web App with VSTS and Git

Continuous Integration(CI) is not a new topic to the Software Developers, yet there are companies picking up the trend. CI will help you to commit and push your code at the convenience of your IDE (Visual Studio 2017 in my case) to Visual Studio Team Services Code Repository and trigger a build. Your build can be defined in the manner you want it to be by adding different tasks such as restoring NuGet Packages, running unit tests etc. You can order your build to copy the build output to a given path. This is much easier when you have a team working on the same project as it avoids last minute integrations.

CI History
Build history in VSTS

If you are totally new to CI/CD you can read this to get an understanding about the topic. You can read this to get CI running for your ASP.NET web app, using Git and Visual Studio Team Services.

Git and Team Services made easy with Visual Studio 2017

Git distributed version control system can be used to manage code in the Visual Studio Team Services repository. Visual Studio 2017 IDE provides easy access to Git and VSTS.

Here are some important information to begin with.

If you come across error 400 when you are cloning, first of all check whether you have spaces in the git repository URL and replace the spaces with %20 as suggested here.

Converting a Visual Studio Setup Project to a Wix Installer Project

I came across this problem on how to convert a visual studio setup project to Wix Installer project. My Visual Studio Setup Project had some registry modifications, so I tried to get the conversion done the easiest possible way. This article at http://geoffwebbercross.blogspot.sg/2012/11/converting-visual-studio-setup-project.html worked like a charm with the help of “Dark”. Make sure you set your pre-processor variables. Thank you Geoff Webber-Cross. You saved my day.

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How to record videos and take photos using your laptop’s webcam

If you are running on Windows 10 operating system you have an in-built app to record videos and take photos using your webcam.

Type “camera” in the text box named as “Search the web and Windows” on your taskbar. It will show you the app and click on the app to open. Yay! now you can do your basic recordings from your webcam.

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