HowStuffWorks “How Web 2.0 Works”

HowStuffWorks “How Web 2.0 Works”


Built in .NET CSV Parser | Passion for Coding

Simple and very easy to use. Some features are;

  • We can specify the delimiters (one or many)
  • We can specify the comment symbol
  • We can read lines and fields
  • Easily find out the end of the file

Built in .NET CSV Parser | Passion for Coding

Heartbleed Bug

Heartbleed is serious security vulnerability  (CVE-2014-0160)  which was disclosed in the OpenSSL library on 7th of April. OpenSSL is the open-source software widely used to encrypt web communications, and a security flaw like this could be used by attackers to reveal the contents of a “secure” message, such as credit card details shared with an online store via HTTPS.

You can check whether any site affected by Heartbleed by typing the URL at

Heartbleed Bug