How to record videos and take photos using your laptop’s webcam

If you are running on Windows 10 operating system you have an in-built app to record videos and take photos using your webcam.

Type “camera” in the text box named as “Search the web and Windows” on your taskbar. It will show you the app and click on the app to open. Yay! now you can do your basic recordings from your webcam.

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Change default pdf reader to Adobe Reader in Windows 10

If you willingly or mistakenly upgraded your operating system to Windows 10  and no idea how to change the default pdf reader from Microsoft Edge to Adobe Reader, because the good old way no longer works and gives you errors, you can try this way.

Go to and read the second part of the article which has the title

Change the Default by Using Default Programs in Control Panel

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Upgraded to Windows 10

I know I am late to the party, but I received Windows 10 upgrade yesterday. Some of my friends gave me bad reviews about direct upgrading. But I thought of trying it out anyway.

After around an hour it was upgraded and there is no issues I found yet with my Dell Inspiron 15. I must say I am in love with the new user experience so far.

But my husband came across an issue in his Asus laptop’s touch pad. After searching through the forums we found out that it is quite common in that range. His touchpad device drivers were disabled. Anyway it can be enabled manually and according to Asus Singapore customer support there is no patch for that yet.