The story begins ….

It’s me Anuradha, call me anu.

There is a small country, Sri Lanka surrounded by Indian Ocean and it is called “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. It is my motherland. I was born in there and living in there. I have never been out of the country. But friends, believe me…It is the best place to live..many people have said so.

Hmm..back to my self..

I was born to a middle class family. Although my parents are not very rich, they gave me all the things I wanted. So I was the happiest girl on this earth till my Advance Level exam.

Then the story began..

I wanted to be an ENGINEER. Don’t know why, but I loved Mathematics (grrrrr). So I decided to do my A/Ls in maths stream and (Is it the end of my happy life..?).

My dream university was the best technical university in Sri Lanka, University of Moratuwa. Luckily, I got entrance to UOM from my second attempt in A/Ls. I could not express the happiness from words on that day. I thought I achieved everything.

But friends, you know life is so hard sometimes,

it is more hard when you select Computer Science and Engineering as your field of specialization.After one and half years hard work in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering we were sent out…no worries..for our internships..Now the story begins..

I’m an ordinary girl who loves teddies, jewellery, sweets and cloths..but more than that I love my laptop a lot. I’m good at nothing..not good at any programming languages..know little bit of Java, C#, Javascript and html. I’m not familiar with many tools and technologies.I’m just an alien who came to earth, to study Computer Science and Engineering.

So I’m going to share my experience of my internship in a medium size software company in Sri Lanka..I don’t know what will happen tomorrow..Hold on friends..