How to install PHP in Windows

You can install PHP in windows, using the Web Platform Installer (Web PI) as follows,

  1. Open a browser to the following website: Microsoft Web Platform Installer 3.0.

  2. Click Download It Now, and then click Run.

  3. At the top of the Web Platform Installer window, click Products.

  4. Click Frameworks, and then select the current version of PHP.

  5. Click Install.
    The Web Platform Installation page displays the version of PHP and its dependencies that will be installed.

  6. Click I Accept.
    Web PI installs the PHP packages.

  7. Click Finish


    If you are using IIS(Internet Information Service) as you web server, then open IIS Manager and in the Features View you should now see PHP Manager. 

    Click on PHP Manger and open it. If it shows you an error “Enable Fast CGI” and you are using IIS 7.0 or later version following steps will help you to get rid of it.

    To enable FastCGI support on Windows Vista SP1 and Windows 7:

    1. In the Windows Start Menu choose Run or press windows + R, type optionalfeatures.exe and click OK

    2. In the Windows Features dialog expand Internet Information Services, World Wide Web Services, Application Development Features and then click on the CGI checkbox;

    3. Click OK and wait until the installation is complete.

    Now you should see your PHP version information in PHP MAnager in IIS like this.


    Hope this helps!






Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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