Women and Technical Communities

I was in a meetup organized by an technical community in Sri Lanka. During the meetup the one of the female student who was hosting the event was introduced to the audience. Then started the big boom! All the participants were tweeting about the event to win a special gift arranged for the best creative tweet with a given hashtag. One suddenly started tweeting with another hashtag, which is the name of that female student. Then all started tweeting with that hash tag, it was a big shame that even very few female participants used to help that trending just for fun because all the tweets were displayed in the big screen. 

This reminded me the situation Adria Richards faced at PyCon. She actually raised her voice about the uncomfortable situation she faced for the entire generation of technical women. If that female student really cared about that trending hashtag, it might caused end of her contribution for technical communities.  I have seen some people send some embarrassing private messages to female contributors to in public e-mail threads. That is really a pathetic incident to even think.

I was quite surprised to see how this intelligent geeks do not know about the ethics in social media usage. May be we have to educate them in the same technical meetups. There is a rising of female contribution to the Computer Science and Technology in Sri Lanka. These young ladies have shown their colors in education, most of them are talkative and social, they are dreamers and have the energy to execute a plan. All they want is an equal opportunity and a welcoming community who respects and supports them to succeed.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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