To Freshers With Love #1 : Co-workers We Meet

I have seen different types of co-workers during my last one year and ten months. Some are really good and I consider them as my role-models. But the rest made me write this post for the juniors who just joined the field of IT.

I learnt a lot from everyone. I have met managers who are really talented and inspire their team to work. It is always effective when you challenge your team to work for a goal rather than simply asking them to do something. They do talk personally and get to know your talents as well as your week points and advise you on how you can do things differently. I was so lucky to met such awesome people only. The worst thing happened to my co-workers when they deal with some other managers in the industry were, they were so bossy and have not matured enough to manage engineers with high IQ, obviously ‘you should do it’ takes an engineer no where.

I have worked with different techleads, which also shapes my idea of who is the perfect techlead I want to be. I have met one who is really talented act as a very good teamlead and a good friend but totally puy my moral down for me being a women and it made me lack of confidence. This is the main reason for me to join the women in computing groups and learn how other women deal with such things. Anyway it gave me lot of experience and things I learnt attending office lean coffees, Grace Hopper Conference India 2012 were awesome.

I can also came across tech leads who were bright, good in communication, really humble and always listen to your ideas though you are the least experienced one in the team and believe that you have a fresh thinking and identify your passion, always willing to help and repeat the same thing for you when you need. They are open minded, stand up for the team all the time and no matter what time it is or the family matter he has he will not leave his team member until he or she found a solution. I am so lucky to work with such awesome people.

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Then comes the different ones. I have came across one tech lead who once said to the team, when we want to take a project decision, that he is not a lead he is just another developer like all of us. I was wondering at that time why he accepted that highly paid and responsible title of ‘Tech Lead’ at that time. That moment all the other members realized that we are on our own and we have to survive individually. It may be through sending your client chain of mails or work long hours alone. Trust me it takes your team no where and produce nothing with the time pressure.

Then comes to the senior developers. I have worked with one senior developer he is good, he may not so quick in decisions but he will not give up passing ball to another. But he will take the responsibility and work on it until he finds ‘the’ solution. Attitude is the thing which made him different than the others. I am glad to work with him. There were so many friendly talented people like him I was fortunate enough to work with.

There are some other people,who are not passionate on their work. They play the game of passing the ball. They may say it is a technical limitation. I sometimes wonder how they make such statements even without bothering to find about it into really deep. Yes. They do perfectly balance there work and life but as a junior I wonder about them. You may have to wait till they come from breakfast, lunch or tea and wait for the endless telephone calls and IMs over to ask any help or clarrification. They leave office on time and never bothered to check what happened to the others. But do not worry. You rearly meet such people in the field of IT and because nobody really bothered to keep them.

No one is perfect including us. We have a lot to learn. We have our own strengths and flaws. We will meet different types of people in day to day work. Believe that your project is going to be a success and learn your own by reading books and following tutorials. Do not wait for others to stand for you and save you or come up with the ultimate solution. Some may not listen. But bother to explain. You have your own dream.Observe and learn the good and ignore the bad. You work for your own satisfaction and it is your passion. So be strong enough not to get motivated by anyone else. It is much harder than say. Play your own good game with good attitude. Listen and help. All your hard work will get paid someday, somewhere, somehow.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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