How theater training can help women to perform their role at work ?

Today we had a discussion about the topic “How to speak with confidence and market ourselves?” with bunch of technical women at Exilesoft. There, Jayadhari Riyaz, one of the brilliant technical women suggested the idea of having a theater training.

What is a theater training?

It is where you get a role to play in front of some audience. The role can be anything. The most important thing is, when you play your role you have to forget about yourself , your personal preferences and behaviors and you must get into that character.

How it can help women at work?

As women we tend to be soft speaking, very rarely express our own ideas, hardly stand up for our believes. But as a women, if you really want to push the boundary so hard, you have to identify the role you are playing at work. It can be an Engineer, Manager, Teacher or anything. When you are at work, you are no longer the person you used to be at home or with friends. You should get into your character or the job role and speak for your ideas, give suggestions and show others when you think they are wrong. I highly believe this will encourage to perform and negotiate well. Not only that, this training will help specially for women to speak with confidence and market themselves.

I am eagerly waiting to participate a theater training one day 🙂


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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