Status.Net – Distributed Social Network

Main Features

Twitter like micro-blogging service in a federated or distributed manner. Users have to register download and install the software by following their guidelines.
Current Status and Maturity The StatusNet platform enables communities, brands and organizations to incorporate micro messaging into their own domain. Thousands of businesses and online communities are already using StatusNet to stay connected. In December, 2012 they released a new software and they removed all the inactive accounts and users had to reinstall the new software.


1. Software is portable and can be installed in any platform.
2. Can use for internal communication within firewall protected internal network.
3. Free and Open Source
4. Many plug-ins are available for use from other social networks. Eg: twitter plug-in in
5. Use open standards like OAuth and OpenId and secure to login.
6. Diversity of services.
7. User gain more control over their activities
8. Freedom of expression


1. Have to download the software and install
2. Issues in user experience
3. Involved a learning curve for the user
4. Less censorship
5. One person’s freedom of speech may cause another person offended
6. Less control over user content
7. Slowness and have to configure to avoid the slowness. Eg: removing plug-ins.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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