My Lovely Sri Lanka Heading to Nowhere

In university days we were told that tax payers in Sri Lanka expend for our education. It is a true fact that if there wasn’t the free education in the country, then most of us will not be fortunate enough to pay for our education and earn our degrees. So it was fed to my mind from very early days to work for Sri Lanka, it is your motherland.

But when I look around and see, the only question comes to my mind is “Where are those bright people who were supposed to serve the country? “. All of them have migrated. It is also questionable that even in the field of IT “Are the people currently do a particular work have necessary qualification, experience and the talent to do that work? .”

When I log on to Facebook, the trending news is about a local politician who escaped from a murder case. No law is governed in the country at all.  The other news is about a Buddhist organization who doesn’t really follow the teachings of Lord Buddha. I click on the hide menu item on all the feeds and got relived for a moment.

Men talked about their addiction to drinking and usage of drugs in a very heroic manner. Alcohol are freely given as gifts. The total idea of having a party or going on a trip turned into create an opportunity to have some alcohol and they refer it as “having fun”. Embarrassing their female colleague with  all sort of sexual jokes and it also can be put on to their “having fun” class and I personally find it disgusting to see how bunch of men behave outside and respond to some well groomed women. How many of them offer a seat to a women in a crowded meeting and I have no idea why they do not have sense of that. I have grown up with hundreds of male colleagues and some of them were very well mannered and I’m so proud to even mention them as my friends.

Poya days are just another types of days weighted against a normal working day. I wish I can see the full moon on that day too. People are so mechanical and do they really celebrate even a traditional festival. Everything is measured in monetary terms. The only thing we could have faith is the education system and now it has also ruined. I feel like Sri Lanka will become a colony of another country again.

I am so depressed. I remember one of my tutors used to say, go out from Sri Lanka in the first day you got an opportunity to leave and I never believed his words. But I see, even my friends, my batch mates and my co-workers migrate to countries like Australia, New Zeland and Canada. Now I can understand why. We have no future here. No matter how much we love our country we are not getting better living conditions here and we get demotivated day by day by the high inflation rate, low salary rate and price hikes.

I have already settled. I cannot really move. My advice for my juniors to think about your own worlds, never let anything to demotivate you and just hang on. So just fly. But remember it is just a temporary solution.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

2 thoughts on “My Lovely Sri Lanka Heading to Nowhere”

  1. Excellent writing, which take showed out a cross cut about current situation of country. Should thanks for showed it clearly. Every one who read this should feel there is something keep lacking from us.

    “But remember it is just a temporary solution.”
    If you did't mentioned this I will disagree with you.
    All you said above are true, but whom to you gonna blame? politicians?
    Do you think is there any country with pure politics.
    But we are more foolish about politics. Here people just want political power exchange between two parties. Dominant (government) party be patient about situation. Other party just shout about problems in country just to take power back (including people who interest in that party). politics always politics, its always same in past, present and future (If not society start to think little intelligent)

    who should be responsible for this situation? The society including you and me.
    I know many brainy fellows have leaved country because of disappointment.
    But that is not an excuse for leave. “If there is a will there is a way”

    keep writing, It's thousand times valuable than keep silence. At least few people will start to think for a solution.


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