Best Practices in using Git

Today I got to know some best practices in using Git, Distributed Version Control System from our onsite team. So I thought of sharing with you all.

Assume that you have a Master branch in Git. Then what they do is create a branch called Development from that master branch. Master branch is the working software in a releasable mode after Quality Assurance  Development branch is for the developers.

When there is a new feature to implement or a bug to fix, in their terminology they introduce as an “issue”. The issues are listed in “Jira”, bug tracking system. Then several developers will be assigned to that issue. Those developers will create a new branch from development branch and name it according to the issue number reported in Jira. Lets say the issue number is MWL001, then the branch name will be MWL001. Those developers will pull, commit and push to MWL001 branch. After they completed the issue MWL001 they will merge the MWL001 branch to development branch for testing and quality assurance.

After proper testing and QA the development branch will be merged with master branch for the product release.

This is how they use Git. The procedure is very simple and clean.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

2 thoughts on “Best Practices in using Git”

  1. Yeah, that's simple and works fine most of the time. Another plus point is you can add a simple code reviewing step with tools such as Gitlab and Github.


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