Go Ahead and Break All the Stereotypes

One day a girl asked from a  boy “What is your computer?”. The boy replied “It is a HP pavilion dv6, Processor is Intel core i7, 2.2 GHz, RAM is 4GB, Operating system is Windows 7, Home premium 64 bits”. Girl just looked at the boy, smiled and said “aha, I have a pink one”.

This is the latest joke about women and computers in the internet.

Image was taken from: http://bit.ly/HiyB3R

If I am to write a book, I’ll definitely select my favourite topic “Women in Engineering”.

I admit that women are different from men. They are biologically different. They are made of XX genes. Their physical strength is also different than men. That is why men are here in the world to open bottles, open salmon tins and to cut chicken with bones for women. No matter how well they cut we are the “Chefs” at home.

But according to some researches, there is no much difference in male and female brains. Their is a myth saying men are good at logics and women are good at emotional intelligence. What I believe is it depends according to the wiring of the brain. Not according to the gender.

A new born baby is just like a blank CD, without any data. That free brain is programmed and filled with data by the society and the experiences came across. In very early days, girls are treated differently than boys. Society thinks Engineering is for men and not for women. These are programmed into female brains and with time they used to believe it. They choose Home Science over Electronics, Bio Science over Mathematics and at the end Chemical Engineering over Computer Science and Engineering. I did it other way round.

Recently I came across a very good article, “Fighting stereotypes one day at a time” written by Sophia Chung, a female Software Engineer at Facebook. There she shared her experience and she emphasis “Programming is not only for men, women can do much better than men”. She asked her readers to go ahead and break all the myths, misconcepts in the society about women and technology,

So my dear female friends, No matter how the society treat us, lets go ahead and break all the stereotypes.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

2 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Break All the Stereotypes”

  1. Good point!
    But as I know most of famous chefs are males:) .
    And girls don't love computer things as boys. Boys learn programming because of interest on programming for non academic purposes. But girls learn programming for acedemic excelance or qulification.
    There should be some genetic influence na?


  2. Well said harshani… I am not an ardent believer of this fact that programming is just made for boys/ males.. rather it is for human being to create that things which can be done using computer. So i would like to add a point here that computer is just a way to earn livelihood and make life easy, also to add some leisure.

    Thank you!
    Nikhil Singh


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