Happy April Fool’s Day Everyone !

There are so many jokes in the internet today. Many pranks from Google as well. My personal favourite is Google Chrome Multitasking video. It looks real at the first site.

When I was about to write this blog post on April Fool’s pranks, I found Mashable’s article which collected all the pranks from Google and Youtube at one place.

Nokia announced a new phone, “Nokia – Ice” and I also got this link about BBC news from a friend. I didn’t see it in the BBC website.

So you simply can’t believe any news source today and Mr.President, I want the news about “vehicle tax increase in Sri Lanka” to be a just another April fool’s day joke.

Image was taken from: http://s4.guyism.com/up/2012/03/april-fools-jokes.jpg


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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