The Reason to Select Eclipse Platform for interAct IDE

There are 2 options we can go for. Those are Graphical User Interface based IDE or Web Interface based IDE.
HTML5 can be used to develop a web based IDE. Drawing, drag and drop are possible with its canvas element.
The implementation of the web based IDE should be done from scratch with the use of javascript along with the HTML5 and there are no projects available out there to reuse and go for Component Based Software Engineering.
Only the latest versions of opera browser supports most of the features specified in HTML5 and the other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox does not support most of the features of HTML5.
So if we develop a web based IDE users have to limit to the browser, Opera which is used only by 2.5% [1] of the internet users.
By becoming a part of eclipse framework, the interAct IDE becomes immediately usable by the large community of eclipse users and the plug-in based approach allows to tap into various existing and future components being added to the eclipse platform.
Eclipse framework itself provides the editors, viewers and registries and facilitates the integration of the system. Since eclipse is a stable framework there is a low possibility to suspect on security loop holes and it provides a sandbox development environment.
There are hundreds of documents and tutorials out there to study and the support is very high with an active group of users and contributors.
After studying the advantages and disadvantages we selected eclipse as our development framework for the Graphical User Interface based IDE.
[1]Browser Statistics . [Online]. Viewed 2011 April 26 Available:
[2]G. Chafle et al. , (2006, Nov) . An Integrated Development Environment for Web Service Composition. IBM Research Report [Online] Available:$File/RI06009.pdf
[3]Wilbert O. Galitz, The essential guide to user interface design, 3rd ed., Wiley Publishing Inc, 2007

Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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