Human Computer Interaction in a Business Process

Hi friends, I am writing here to give to some idea about our final year project idea.
I’ll start my story assuming all of you are dumb, as much as we were at the start of the project.
Today’s world there are so many technologies invented to make our lives easy and to make our selves little bit lazy. And all of us know the easiest way to climb the ladder of success is having good communication. So communication also plays a major role in modern business world.
Web service is also such a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network and it can convert our applications into web-applications. They are published, found and used through the web. “AH” that sounds good. Then we can easily access some application over internet with the help of web services.
We all know now most of the things are automated, but in some situations the system give you (assume u are a human, well vampires are also count) the chance to make a decision. Now you might wonder what are those occasions.
Think about a web service which gives you details about bank loans. It is up to you to decide which loan suites you the best. You will make the decision by looking at the interest rate and the loan duration, monthly payments etc. Now see, it is clear that at some point a business process might need your decision to proceed and that is a human task, only a human can decide and choose. At that point point human will interact with the system and human computer interaction happens.

Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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