How to localize iReport

The client of the project Van Meijel needed iReport in their mother tongue, Dutch. So I was asked to conduct a research and check whether it is feasible. I had to search and later I found that localization is facilitated in iReport.

  1. .Create a Netbeans project for the downloaded iReport source which has built using Netbeans.
  2. .Go to \iReport-nb\trunk\iReport\ireport-designer\src\com\jaspersoft\ireport\locale files which listed the key words and translated them into English which are used in the iReport interface.
  3. . Copy the file and create a new file named “”.
  4. .Translate the English terms into Dutch or any language you want.
  5. . Rename the “” file into “” and “” file into “”.
  6. Run the project and you can see that all the strings have translated in to the language you write in the .properties file.


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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