A crying heart writes ..

At the moment my Achchi (grandma), mother’s mother is at the ICU of Jayawardenapura hospital. The doctors are about to remove her ventilation machine which helped her to live till one of my cousin sister’s wedding day. She is suffering a lot and the whole family requested to remove the ventilation machine after the wedding. I just cannot make clear what is in my mind but all I think is how surprising the life is.

She never took us close to me or feed me. I think she has never done that to any of her grandchildren. She was not my favourite grandma because I used to compare her with Thaththamma, my father’s mother who passed away when I was in grade 7. I still love Thaththamma a lot because she was there with me all the time, loved me and built my personality.
I want to see Achchi fine again and love her as much as I could. But I know it will not happen. It was only me who cried near her bed yesterday. My mother said that she didn’t suffer like other old people and she is going to have a peaceful death so there is nothing to worry about. But I always regret that not loving her as much as I could.
A life is a magic and all I want to say my friends, love the people around you as much as you could because life is too short and no one knows when we will lose each others.

Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

3 thoughts on “A crying heart writes ..”

  1. Feel sorry for the lose of a loved one in your family.The life is an amazing thing.When somebody lose complete control over one's body, we humans are capable of keeping that body and soul together for an extended period for any number of reasons. We are probably in uncharted territory as far as “terminally ill” patients are concerned.


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