Dress up your blog .. :)

Hi friends, You know there are sometimes I am waiting in front of the computer doing nothing productive at all in the office. Both Facebook and Gmail are not allowed here.
So I started to read blogs written by all of you. It tempted me to write blogs.

I found many blogs with nice templates but I didn’t know how to add a new template to my blog. Though it is very is it took me sometime to search and find. There may be some of our friends who still don’t have any idea to change the template or who really don’t care about it. But the world is so colourful and we are given a choice.
So why don’t we explore it.

Here are the steps to change your current blogger template.

1. Go to http://btemplates.com/ and select a template you like. download the template and extract it. (You can search for blogger templates and find more web sites to download templates)

2. Go to your Dashboard http://www.blogger.com/home

3. You can see the “Layout” link under your blog’s name. Click on it.

4. Click on Edit HTML link and go to that page.

5. Click on “Download Full Template” and download the existing template for safety.

6. Then click on the “Browse” button and go to your newly extracted folder and select the .xml file in it. (You will also find a readme file in this folder normally. You can read it 🙂 )

7. Then click on the “Upload” button.

8. Sometimes you may get a warning saying “Your template does not include these widgets”.

9. You can either keep those widgets or delete them. It’s your choice.

10. Then you can go and see the beauty of your blog with the new dress 🙂


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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