The Transformation …

After a long long time… 🙂

How are you friends? Hope all of you are fine.

Last few weeks I worked hard on a proposal for Google Summer of Code 2010 and the organization I worked was “LimeSurvey”. But heard that Google only allocate three people for the project and they have already got 60 applications.

You know ONE..TWO..THREE..


But I was really a good experience..Hey, Believe me it’s true.
I didn’t know how to communicate in IRC and mailing lists.
With time and with the help of many good friends I found in the world of open source,
I learned so many things.

It was a challenging task. Since I am an alien I had to learn every thing from the very begging. I had the great fear of doing new things, talking with new people and specially I was afraid to ask help from the others. Now I feel like I am in my second birth.

My internship and the application period for Google Summer of Code 2010 changed me a lot … and ended up becoming a some sort of a geek.

I really want to thank all my new and good old friends for helping and encouraging me always..
Love you loads


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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