It’s about a happy day ….. :)

After a long working week I went home on Friday. Had a restless weekend and back to work on Monday.

Today morning, I decided to be happy in my life. I realized that being happy or being sad totally depend on my thoughts. So early in the morning I decided to be happy πŸ™‚

So I wake up sharp at 4 a.m. and left home sharp at 4.45 p.m.. Luckily there was only one seat left for me in the bus. I was really happy .. πŸ™‚

look friends, when you decided to be happy all the other things happen to make you happy. Life is not sooo bad. So just be happy .

hmm..back to the story. I reached the company before 8.30 a.m. . It is also another good thing to become happy πŸ™‚

Heard that our team leader will be back to office after his bussiness tour to india to set up the webportal implemented by the company.(End of my happy day???)

Me and my colleague also contributed to the project by debugging and fixing it.

(Oh I hate debugging)

Team leader came with a smile. We were surprised by his smile because me and my friend did so many stupid things in the last week when we contact him through skype. By the way, I learnt how to chat with people without using smilies.

(Why the hell people don’t use smilies in an official chat?? Too bad…)

Today I met some foriegners. They were really nice people. Two people were from Indian branch and the other was from Malaysia. I was almost scared and couldn’t talked to them properly.

(Why I do such stupid things regularly?? 😦 )

Boss gave me some work. I was working on a project called SBL – Sundaram Brake Linings. I did some changes to their static web site as the client change his requests. I thought all my works are over with the travel of our boss.

Well.. I was wrong.

The customer requsted to put the main tab “Eco-Friendly” as a sub menu to the main tab “About us”. I changed it very quikly. Just a matter of copy and paste.

(I am an expert on it)

The menu has written as an unordered list. on this link to learn about unordered lists in html.

Then I had to change a number in a web page to another number. Actually I changed 140 to 150. ODD JOB 😦

Then the client’s has requested to change the font colour and the border colour of the tables in some pages.

May god protect our client!!!!

I studied the CSS and HTML codes in the website.

*When you change the
or the table body tag toall the fonts in the table body changed it colour to blue.

*I created a CSS class called table.blue_table including the boder details specifying the size, colour and the pattern and this class was called inside the

. My web pages looked fine. But I had to learn a lot to do this because as you all know I am an alien to Coding.

Another nice thing happened.After the first week our boss read our training diary and signed.

In the first week he has sign after writing the comment “have the self learning ability”.

For the second week he has written “Should learn HTML, CSS and JSP thouroughly”.

For the third week the comment was “Showing some improvement in HTML and CSS”.

For the forth week it was “When you are doing R&D work you have to develop with the theories you learnt”.

I’m still wondering about the last comment.What the hell is it???

Afternoon I read about iReport and learnt how to create a plugging to netbeans.

Use this link to read about iReport:

and this to read about how to create netbeans pluggins :

Then it was the end of a happy day πŸ™‚

Today’s lesson is you will be happy only when you want to be happy πŸ™‚


Author: Harshani Nawarathna

Sri Lankan woman in Computing

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